Fox Political Analyst and Author
May 29, 2019
Juan Williams
Fox Political Analyst and Author

Juan Williams is one of America’s leading political writers and thinkers. Mr. Williams is a top political analyst for Fox Television, co-host of the daily talk show ‘The Five’ and a regular panelist for Fox News Sunday and Special Report. He is a former award winning Washington Post columnist, White House correspondent and NPR senior news correspondent.  He was also the host of NPR’s nationally broadcast afternoon talk show.  In addition to prize-winning op-ed columns and editorial writing for The Washington Post, he has also authored seven books, including three best sellers. His notable books include “Eyes on the Prize”, “Thurgood Marshall- American Revolutionary” and “Muzzled – The Assault on Honest Debate”.


As one of the nation’s most influential journalists, Mr. Williams is in constant contact with American political leaders from the President to members of Congress and the Supreme Court.  His understanding of American history and his inside access to Washington politics gives him a unique and informed voice as an analyst of current events.  In 2000, NPR selected Williams to host their afternoon talk show, “Talk of The Nation,” and in two years he brought the show’s ratings to record heights.  His daring perspectives on American politics, race, and culture are based on his historical understanding, political expertise, and knowledge of diversity.  
In a 21-year career at The Post Mr. Williams served as an editorial writer, op-ed columnist, prize winning investigative reporter, top magazine writer and White House correspondent.   He won several journalism awards for his writing and investigative reporting.  He also won an Emmy Award for TV documentary writing.  He was given widespread, critical acclaim for a series of documentaries including Politics-The New Black Power.  His documentary on A. Phillip Randolph was featured nationally on PBS.  
Mr. Williams has appeared on TV news programs ranging from “Meet The Press” to “Oprah” to “Arsenio” to “Inside Washington”, “Crossfire”, where he served as a co-host, and “America’s Black Forum”, which he hosted for a decade.  ESPN featured Mr. Williams as a commentator for their series on Top Athletes of the 20th Century. He has also written for The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, GQ, New Republic and Ebony.