1. Test results for the tests taken earlier this month:
Stanton administration has the results for reading and math tests (DC-BAS) taken earlier this month. I have seen the results at a class level aggregation, and have also seen some of the individual student test results for math. Generally speaking, the students showed no improvement compared to similar tests taken last fall.
I'll be asking the Rotary tutors to give me the names of the students each has tutored during the past few months, along with an estimate of how much involvement he/she actually had with them in reading and/or math. My guess is that it's too soon for any of what we have done to have yet to take hold in the form of test result improvements.
This has nothing to do with abundant anecdotal evidence that the kids love us, are attentive during tutoring sessions, etc. For an inkling of quantitative change in tests, we will have to wait until the results of the tests to be taken in April.
2. Tutoring is going on at all the 3rd through 6th grade levels:
As mentioned earlier e-mails, we are pretty well "ensconced" at all the middle and upper grade levels. The students know us, and there is still a clamor by some of those "left out" to join in.
3. Not to steal May's thunder, but you should know that yesterday's "filming event" was a rousing success:
No tutoring yesterday morning because 40 students (3rd through 6th grade) buzzed around creating short videos using a "cameraman" and  "student actors", shepherded by high school students (Rochembeau, a French school), Rotarians, and a documentary film director from France (Francoise MARIE). I'm sure May will give more details. For here we need to congratulate her for the exceptional job she did in putting the Rotary part together.