Last week I was testing my endurance in the cold -- a meeting in the boonies of Alaska, 100 miles from Fairbanks. I was fortunate; they were having a heat wave. The low for the nights was about -10 F. and the highest of the highs reached +25F !!
So, I missed a weekly Stanton summary. This one covers 2 weeks.
1. Tutoring goes on for all 8 classes:
No dramatic news. Including today (Tues.), all the classes from 3rd through 6th grades had at least one session by one of us regulars.
2. This is a week of testing:
I found out today that today, tomorrow and Thursday mornings all the 3rd through 6th grade students are taking a round of reading and math tests. These are the last before the finals the week of April 20.
By now I hope we can demonstrate some sort of impact on test results for those students whom we are tutoring directly. When the results come out, I'll do comparative analyses, both longitudinally and between two classes of students -- those we've worked with and others in the classes. As Edward R. Murrow said from England during the depths of WW II when the Voice of America was formed: "We will tell the truth, whether it's good or it's bad".
The big blast comes in April. These are the tests whose results get spread around in various archives and press articles. Once again, when the results come out, we will do the comparative analyses.
3. A PAL (People Animals Love) involvement at Stanton is coming along:
The principal actors are 2 from PAL, 2 from Stanton and me. The objective is to figure out the best way to use the resources of PAL for students at Stanton, hopefully starting before the end of this semester.
Right now we are trying to figure out, over different time slots, how to use the skills of PAL personnel, where the $ when needed will come from, and, of course, what animals will be involved.