Just a reminder for those of you who can participate.
During the next 2 Tuesday and Wednesday mornings the 3rd through 6th grade students at Stanton will be taking the year' final reading and math tests -- the 21/22 for reading and the 28/29 for math.
The principal, Dr. Presswood, recently suggested to me that he would appreciate some Rotarian presence as monitors in the classrooms while the tests are going on. This involves no teaching (tutoring), just your presence.
If you can go, try to get to the school around 9 a.m. Somehow either Presswood or a teacher can direct you to a classroom for the 8 classes with students taking tests. (I'll be out of town next week, so I can't play traffic cop.)
Stanton is at the corner of Naylor Road and Alabama Avenue. The school parking lot entrance is in the back of the school, with the entrance on 25th Street -- an opening for cars in the chain link fence that surrounds that part of the back of the school.
The most likely way that you would get there is to take Suitland Parkway to the Alabama Ave. exit after about a couple miles on the Parkway, turn right on Alabama Avenue for about a mile, staying on the left, and at the split of Alabama and 25th, go straight on 25th (Alabama veers to the right in a gentle turn), pass the huge blue water tower on the right, slow down, and make a 90 degree turn a couple hundred yards down the chain link fence into the parking and playground area behind the school proper. If the rear door of the school is locked, go around to the front of the building -- otherwise get into the school from the back of it.
Don M