Information as of October 7, 2016


Individuals may qualify for this program if their proposed program of studies is concerned with conflict resolution, peace studies,  international relations, sustainable development, or related areas.


Detailed information on the Rotary World Peace Fellowship program, including materials to download, may be found at the Rotary International website,  Click on the following link to access the webpage on RI's website with the information about the fellowships.


Depending on the study institution, the Rotary World Peace Fellowship is for one to two academic years, plus an applied field experience, and normally leads to a Master's degree. Funding will be limited to the following categories:  tuition and fees, a stan­dardized room and board stipend, transportation, contingency expenses, and an applied field experi­ence.


Candidates must have obtained a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent before they begin their studies abroad. They must be proficient in a second language. In addition, candidates must already have had three years of experience working in conflict resolution, international relations, sustainable development, activities that promote peace, or related areas.


The information presently showing on the website is for this year's selection process, to select Rotary World Peace Fellows who will begin their studies in July, August, or September of 2018 (for study institutions in the Northern Hemisphere, where the school year is typically August/September through May/June) or in February or March of 2019 (for study institutions in the Southern Hemisphere, where the school year is typically February/March through November/ December).


The deadline for submission of an application through the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, for the 2018 selection is has been extended to April 10, 2017.  


On the application form, candidates are to select three centers where they would like to study and are to indicate their order of preference, but if they win a Rotary World Peace Fellowship, Rotary International reserves the right to send them to any of the six centers listed on the application form.


One may apply through a Rotary Club in the place where one lives, or where one's permanent residence is, or where one studies, or where one works (which might theoretically be four different places). A listing of Rotary Clubs in Rotary District 7620 may be found at this website:  Rotary District 7620 Clubs List 


If a candidate's application indicates that he or she would be a viable candidate, he or she will normally be invited by the Rotary Club through which he or she applied to an interview,  probably on a weekend, probably some time in April. The club's interviewing committee is composed of Rotarians who are members of the club, all of whom volunteer to serve on the committee. If a candidate is invited for an interview, he or she must appear in person on the date scheduled for the interview or his or her application will not be considered further, so it is best not to schedule any travel on weekends during that period.


Following the interview, if the club's interviewing committee decides an applicant is a good candidate, they will forward the application on to District 7620's selection committee. This  committee typically receives only one or two applications for the Rotary World Peace Fellowship a year from the various Rotary Clubs in District 7620. If District 7620's selection committee finds an application strong, it will invite the applicant to an interview. The interviews in 2017 will take place in June of 2017, probably on a weekend. At the Rotary District level, the rule is the same as at the club level:  if a candidate is invited for an interview, he or she must appear in person for the interview on the date scheduled, or his or her application will not be considered further. So it is best for candidates not to schedule any long-distance travel on weekends during June.


Of the candidates interviewed at the District level, District 7620 may select one candidate to propose to Rotary International, which selects up to 60 World Peace Fellows each year. If a candidate decides to apply in 2017, and if he or she makes it successfully through the interviews at the Club and District level, he or she should know in the late summer or early fall of 2017 whether he or she has been selected as a Rotary World Peace Fellow.


In Rotary Year 2016-2017, Rotarian Octavian Ionici ( is chairing the Rotary Scholarships Committee for the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C.