Posted by Robert Meins on Jul 10, 2017
“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it."  - Irving Penn


Members of the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, are bringing together a coalition of leading local institutions to organize the Washington D.C. edition of the world’s leading press photography exhibition this November. Partnering with international,(non)governmental organizations, think-tanks, embassies, universities and civil society organizations, they have developed a unique approach, using the powerful photos to highlight the topics, people and stories behind each picture.
The program is being organized with the support of the World Press Photo Foundation, the Rotary Club of Washington, DC, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, National Geographic, the International Women’s Media Foundation, the White House News Photographers Association and FotoWeekDC. Given Rotary’s strong emphasis on fostering goodwill and better friendships, the hope to stimulate interest in, knowledge of, and discussion about topics facing our communities, the country and the world.
“Winning pictures often leave a first impression that suggests one thing, while having a back story that reveals the complexity of the world around us,” said Robert W. Meins organizer of the D.C. Exhibition and member of the Rotary Club of Washington DC “That effect breaks through preconceived notions, leaving viewers wanting to learn more. The World Press Photo Exhibition brings together people from all walks of life to explore the issues, people and stories behind the photographs.”
In 2016, more than four million people visited the World Press Photo Exhibition in 100 cities across the globe, but not in Washington D.C.. This despite the fact that the city is home to organizations working on many, if not most, of the topics depicted in the photographs.
“The Rotary Club of Washington, DC is thrilled to play a part in bringing this exciting exhibit to our nation’s capital,” said Abraham Helal, President of the Rotary Club of Washington, DC. “For more than a century our club, has played an important role in bringing leaders together in our community, and hosting the World Press Photo Exhibition in Washington is another step towards our mission of fostering goodwill in the community.”
The Exhibition is the culmination of an annual photo contest, drawing submissions from photographers in 126 countries who collectively submitted more than 80,000 images. The jury awards prizes in categories covering topics from spot news and contemporary issues to people, nature and sports. The D.C. exhibition marks the first step in a new strategy to develop World Press Photo's presence in the United States. 
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