President David opened the meeting at 12:30 P.M., led in a pledge of allegiance to our flag, and introduced Alicia Fougere to present the Words of Inspiration.
Words of Inspiration.
“When I talk to non-Rotarians about Rotary, they often ask why I am in Rotary, what does it offer me. Of course I talk about the camaraderie, the professional development, the great speakers. 
And sometimes, I talk about Machiavelli. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but Machiavelli said:
“And let it be noted that there is no more delicate matter to take in hand, nor more dangerous to conduct, nor more doubtful in its success, than to set up as a leader in the introduction of changes.  For he who innovates will have for his enemies all those who are well off under the existing order of things, and only the lukewarm supporters in those who might be better off under the new.   This lukewarm temper arises partly from the fear of adversaries who have history and tradition* on their side and partly from the incredulity of mankind, who will never admit the merit of anything new, until they have seen it proved by the event.”
Rotary is a leader in innovation and change, leading by example. Rotarians innovate and lead change through service and fellowship, working together over time and across the world, proving that common people, working together, can make changes in their local community and throughout the world. 
Who would have thought that an organization started in 1905 by four businessmen in Chicago would go global? But history has proven the merit of fellowship, and Rotary has grown to over 1.2 million members. From its first donation of $26.50, the Rotary Foundation contributions now total over $1 billion. From the first grant of $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children, Rotary has contributed over $1.3 billion and countless volunteer hours toward the eradication of polio. 
So there you have it – Rotary is fellowship and service, camaraderie, professional development, and great speakers. And living proof of the merits of at least one of Machiavelli’s theories of leadership.”
Secretary Mike welcomed the following visiting Rotarians and guests:
Amanda Sirio Cabrera from Rotary Club Sorocaba, Brazil who presented us with a flag.
John Holman from Rotary Club Auburn, WA.
Faren Barr from Rotary Club Topeka South who present us with a flag.
Diane Fowler from Rotary Club Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Diane would like to learn about membership in our club.
Kate Gilmore from Australian Embassy in Washington DC
Steve Vetter, CEO of Partners of Americas was guest sponsored by Rotaract member Ruxanda Renita.  
Mr. Aluaro of Ecosynpsis was a guest sponsored by Rotarian Valentin Solis.
Nita Grace of Security FSO was a guest sponsored by Rotarian Abe Halel
Journalia McCloud of CISAC was a guest sponsored by Rotarian Abe Halel.
Beth Lawton of Canoe Media was a guest sponsored by Rotarian Lisa McCurdy
Robert W. Meirs of Meirs Consulting Associates was a guest sponsored by Samuel Hancock. Robert would like to learn about membership in our club.
Dr. Ife Nduke of World Bank Group was a guest sponsored by Abrahem Helal. Dr. Ife Nduke would like to learn about membership in our club.
Juliana Cardona, founder Street Enterprise
Lauren Barr is a student from Washburn University Rotaract
Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Brown recognized the following Rotarians celebrating birthdays this week:
Gladys Antezana - Oct 06  Gladys was sponsored by Mary Ann Blackwell when she joined in 2006. Her classification is Development: Construction.
Marilyn Cruz - Oct 06 Marilyn was active with our club when she was President of the Rotaract Club and has ramped up quickly since joining our club in July, mentoring the Interact Club, co-chairing the Dictionary Project and serving on the Membership and Member Retention Committees. She was sponsored by Jennifer Hara and her classification is Law: Investigator.
Bill Busker - Oct 07 Bill joined our club in 2013, sponsored by Sam Hancock. His classification is Consulting: Fundraising and Legal.
Russell George - Oct 08  We unfortunately don’t see much of Russell these days due to his job, but he was sponsored by Doris Margolis when he joined in 2003. His classification is Government Service: Inspector General.
Tyisha Cottman has been in the Club one year TODAY!
Lisa McCurdy announced Washington, D.C.’s first Duck Derby set for April 30, 2016 on the Anacostia River at Yards Park.
Raven Canty unveiled the Duck Derby Logo.
President David announced the gearing up of the Dictionary Project for 2015 and invites volunteers interested in delivering dictionaries to 3rd graders at DC schools to talk to Marilyn Cruz or Terrance Lovelady.
President David announced the third Ed O’Brien Rotary Movie Night slated for Thursday evening, October 8, 2015. All interested Rotarians are to meet Alexander Kravetz in the Lobby of the Landmark E Street Theatre, 11th & E Streets, NW, at 6:30 pm to pick up tickets. The movie starts at 6:50 pm.
The following is President David’s introduction of the speaker, District Governor Ken Solow: “Ken joined the Columbia-Patuxent Rotary Club in September of 1996.  He served as Club President in 2001-2002 and won the Donald Lee Chamberlin award for Best Club President.  Ken has served District 7620 as Chair or member of the Leadership Training team since 2003.  He has been a featured speaker at Chesapeake PETS and other District Conferences.  He is a Paul Harris Fellow, a Paul Harris Society Member, and a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation.
Ken is a founding partner of Pinnacle Advisory Group, Inc., a private wealth management firm serving clients in the Baltimore-Washington area and around the world.  Ken currently serves as Chair of Pinnacle’s investment committee, which oversees the management of $1.5 billion of assets for more than 850 families.  He is the author of the book, Buy and Hold is Dead (Again), the Case for Active Management in Dangerous Markets.
Ken is married to Linda and resides in Ellicott City, Md.  They have a son and a daughter, Danny, who lives and works in Boston, Mass, and Carly, who just graduated from the University of Maryland.”
The Speaker: District Governor Ken Solow
Governor Ken first enlightened us of his visits to some of the Rotary Clubs in the district and he stated that there are 61 clubs altogether. He applauded all of the clubs in the district for advancements made in many areas and for achievements with various humanitarian projects. He recognized and appreciated old and new Rotarians alike as well as encouraged all Rotarians to strategize membership drives. Our motto for the year, he said, is: “What one thing makes a great Rotary District?” To this, a video about Great Rotary Clubs’ activities was shown. He talked about Rotary District highlights for this year:
The young Professional Summit that took place on September 12, 2015.
Two Polio Fundraisers - He reported that Africa is now Polio Free and that focus is for Polio eradication worldwide in 2 years. He enlightened us about the difference between being Polio free and Polio eradication and highlighted the Brazil World Conference agenda.   
Peace and Conflict Transformation on September 22, 2015.
The upcoming World’s Greatest Meal in November 2015 – Here, he asked that we pass ad about Polio to raise fund.
The Melwood Car Donation Program – 35% of the proceeds generated from this program, he said, is used towards funding humanitarian causes for children, 40% to district causes and the remaining balance put towards Rotary Club use.
Rotary Rewards – He disclosed reward programs provided by some major retailers like Target, Home Depot, etc. for Rotarians. These programs offer great discounts for Rotarians.
Governor Ken offered special Rotary Team Pins to be distributed to all members of the club.
He talked about progress with the Rotary Family Health Day Program for Ghana. This is a 3 days’ program promoted on 30 club websites, supported by 400 Rotary volunteers in partnership with Rotarians for Family Health and Aids Prevention. Last year, the program served 23,100 Ghanaian.   
The International Conference, he said, will be held in Seoul, South Korea in 2016 on May 28 – June 1st. He and others will be visiting Japan after the conference.
A video clip was displayed showing excerpts from the District Conference that took place April 8, 9 and 10 at the Hyatt Regency.
Governor Ken explained the District’s biggest challenge for the year as our TRF funding gap.
The Rotary International Theme, he said, is: “The only limit to what we can accomplish in Rotary is our lack of imagination, energy, skill, dedication and resolve.” Continuing, he said, “Every Rotarian can make a huge difference in the lives of others. Polio is truly in the End Game.” Then he asked a series of questions: “What will Rotary do next? What will each one of us do next? What new programs will we start? What new partnerships will we build? What new brand in the community will we create? Five years from now, what will be our answer when new members ask what does the club do?” In concluding, he said, “our ability to change the world is the extraordinary gift of Rotary. Each of us has something to share. Each of us becomes a better person when we give of our talent, energy, enthusiasm, etc.” He quoted Rotary International President, Ravi Ravindran, who said: Every one of us has something to give – whoever we are, whatever our place in life. We can give out talents, our knowledge, our abilities, and our effort; we can give our dedication and our devotion. Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world. Our time is now. It will never come again. Be a Gift to the World.” He then concluded by saying that “if we do these things, we will all have a wonderful year. Let’s be a gift to the world”, he concluded.
Following the speaker’s talk, President David thank him on behalf of Club 7620 and awarded him with a Certificate.
President David recognized the following Rotarians with badges for sponsoring new members into the club:
Abe Helal (GOLD) for sponsoring Michael Harper, Dennis Cravedi and Sterling Hoffman during the month of April 2015 
Marjorie Scott (BLUE) for sponsoring Alicia Fougere
David Klaus (BRONZE) for sponsoring Charlotte Lallement Klaus.
Jennifer Hara (SILVER) for sponsoring Marilyn Cruz.
Andrew Clark (BLUE) for sponsoring Michael Onyemelukwe.
Andrew Cook (BLUE) for sponsoring Scott Love.
Buz Gorman (BLUE) for sponsoring Rich Madison, and,
Sterling Hoffman (BLUE) for sponsoring John Davies.  
President David said: “we are tracking down the pins from RI but want to recognize Sheldon Ray for sponsoring Dayna Neef and Ken Kimbrough for sponsoring Mary Goldsmith.”
It was announced at this point that the Board will meet immediately after Rotary session with DG Ken.
Raffle: Stefan Alber won the small pot but did not win the large pot of $191 (back down to $195 after Andy Cook's large pot win last week).
President David announced our next program to take place on, Wednesday, October 14, 2015. Our speaker, he said, is a mystery … something to think about.
He thanked Nancy Riker and Ken Brown for tag-teaming on the Raffle, Stu Shalloway and Balraj Gupta for staffing the Hospitality Desk, and John Davies for writing the Meeting in Review.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 P.M.