President David opened the meeting at 12:30 pm, led in a pledge of allegiance to our flag, and introduced May Gwinn to present the Words of Inspiration.
May spoke about National Arts and Humanities Month and the importance of celebrating the impact of the arts. She remarked on the importance of providing funding for art programs in schools, especially in high poverty areas. Students in high poverty areas with arts in their school were more likely to succeed and attend college. As we move towards the future, we should be mindful of putting praising the arts just as much as science and math.
Secretary Mike Carmichael welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests:
Peter Freeman from Charlottesville Rotary
Jorge Rojas from Santiago, Chile Rotary
Amanda Sirio Carbrera from Sorocaba Brazil Rotary
Barbara Cursley from Amersham, UK Rotary
Steve Kirby Hercules, CA Rotary presented us a Flag
Awad Morgan was a guest sponsored by Abe Helal
Edmund Breitline was a guest sponsored by Ken Brown
Rynthia Rost was a guest sponsored by Judge Larry Margolis
Jason Shine was a guest sponsored by Lisa McCurdy
Sowande Tichawonna was a guest sponsored by Lisa McCurdy
Dennis Brown was a guest sponsored by Michael Harper
Shilo Anite Seto was a guest sponsored by Michael Harper
Kristen Komlosy was a guest sponsored by Lisa McCurdy
Peter Choharis was a guest sponsored by Jennifer Hara
Carolina Toledo was a guest sponsored by Gladys Antezana
Wayne Pestone was a guest sponsored by Helen Moore
Kevin Matthees was a guest sponsored by David Klaus
Robert Meins  was a guest potential member
Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Kimbrough recognized Rotarians celebrating birthdays this week:
  • Glen O'Gilvie - Oct 12.  Glen was sponsored by Alexander Kravetz when he joined our club in 2012. His classification is Associations: Nonprofits Organization Management.
  • Glynis Long - Oct 13. Glynis joined our club in 2005, sponsored by Clara Montanez. Her classification is International Trade: Trading Consultant.
  • Bob Watson - Oct 14. Foundation board member Bob was sponsored by Mary Ann Blackwell when he joined in 2005 (and is celebrating his 10-year club anniversary this month!). His classification is Education: College.
  • Pete Nunn - Oct 16. Past President Pete (1986-87) joined our club in 1976, sponsored by Robert Lee O'Brien. His classification is Consulting: Accounting.
Clara Montanez announced that the Capital Cities Committee is establishing relationships with international Rotary clubs in Rome, Italy and Santiago, Chile. They also have worked with the Tokyo Rotary Club to help fund a Tokyo student to study over here in the US. They also teamed up with the Paris Rotary to send a student from Paris to study in the US. The committee is also working with the Santiago, Chile Rotary club to raise funds that go towards burnt children centers. They are also working with both the Rome Rotary and the Bangkok Rotary to eradicate human trafficking in the respective countries. 
Dr. Jorge Rojas founder of Coaniquem, whose project is our signature project with theCapital City of Santiago, Chile announced that they have hospital facilities with optic fiber in order to enhance patient care. They are planning an April trip to fly down to Chile to visit.
Erminia Scarcella announced that Capital Cities took a trip to Rome, Italy to establish a relationship with the Rome Rotary Club. They discussed future projects that they could both work on. The Committee also was given an exclusive tour of Rome where they got to see the oldest map of Rome.  Erminia showed pictures of the trip.
Ken Brown introduced speaker Christine Brooks-Cropper, who is Founder the DC Fashion Foundation. The DC Fashion Foundation (DCFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce in June 2009 to support the Washington, DC area fashion community. The DC Fashion Foundation does this through educational programs, workforce training initiatives, and networking and mentoring opportunities for aspiring fashion professionals and entrepreneurs. Before Christine founded the DC Fashion Foundation, she created the Office of Victim Services (OVS) during her time working for the Office of DC Mayor Williams. OVS is responsible for coordinating and supporting victim services within the District by working with DC government agencies and community-based organizations to develop, expand, and improve services that are provided to victims of violent crime. OVS also provides information and recommendations to the Mayor regarding the needs of victims and best practices for meeting those needs.
With her prior experience establishing successful organizations she took the initiative to create an incubator called the Youth Academy that develops and implements a curriculum that will educate and prepare high school students for careers in the fashion and creative arts industries. Through early development, these students will become creative entrepreneurs who can then move to the next level to include of business development including business training, technical assistance, mentoring, job preparation and other business skills. The Youth Academy Incubator seeks be the feeder for the Fashion/Retail Incubator, the Entrepreneur Incubator, or the Workforce Development Incubator. Any of these avenues will help transform these students into creative employees or creative entrepreneurs who can earn and sustain a viable living.
 A Rotarian asked how we could help Christine with her projects and she replied to spread the word about the DC Fashion Foundation and to donate money to the Foundation.
Scott Love gave his New Member Speech and told us about himself and why he has chosen to get involved in Rotary. He showed us pictures of his family and talked about some of the vacation spots that they visit. He talked about his background attending  the Naval Academy, being a card counter and learning about game theory and then establishing a head hunting firm for law firms. He also talked about writing a children’s book and water painting.
Marilyn Cruz and Terrance Lovelady asked for more volunteers for the Dictionary Project.
RaffleTony Cusack won the small pot of $ 45 and did/did not win the large pot of $229.
President David announced our next program October 21st will feature Jerome Barry, who is Director and Founder of Embassy Series.
He thanked John Davies for conducting today’s Raffle, Stu Shalloway and Balraj Gupta for staffing the Hospitality Desk, and Kevin Baumb for writing today’s Meeting in Review.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.