President David Klaus called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM.  He led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Yoshiko Urakawa provided words of inspiration.
Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests:
  • Tim Pierson, Chaplain for the Nationals, and guest of David Treadwell;
  • Lenore Jacobs, a former employee of the Carter White House and the Veteran’s Administration and a prospective member.  She was the guest of Lynn Holec and Clara Montanez;
  • Liz Salett, a past speaker on sex trafficking last month and a guest of Abe Helal;
  • Stephanie Fuenres, an intern with the McClure Law Firm and a guest of Christa McClure;
  • Emily Lewis, the Manager of James’ Home Creations and a guest of Abe Helal;
  • Isaiah Long, Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Washington, DC and a guest of David Treadwell;
  • Yasmin Samir-Shakir, daughter of Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie; and
  • Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie, former Ambassador from Iraq to the United States and an honorary member of the club.

President David invited the visiting American Rotarians to introduce themselves.  The following American Rotarians were in attendance:

·      Brent Collinson from Truckee, California, whose classification is attorney;

·      Mike Varley from Frankenmuth, Washington, whose classification is IT manager; and

·      Melvin Cook from Paramus, New Jersey.

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen wished happy birthday to J. Russell George (October 8), Marlene Thorn (October 12) and Glynis Long (October 13).  She also noted that Herb Brickson’s wife, Audrey, is recuperating at home from open heart surgery. Dick Pyle's mother-in-law is very ill.

President David reminded the members that Thursday, October 11, was movie night, which would be the “Master” at the E Street Theaters.  He announced that the Interact Club was having a drive for books and toys, which will be given to needy families.  Rotarians who wish to contribute to the Interact drive should bring new (or excellent condition) books and toys to the October 31 or November 7 Rotary meeting.  Walter Reed Bingo will be held on October 18.  Anyone wishing to attend Walter Reed Bingo should register no later than October 16.  Lastly, President David announced that tickets were available for the White House Garden Tour.  Past President Howard Davis announced that the Club would again be joining the University Club in a blood drive, which will take place on October 24th before and immediately after our lunch meeting.  He urged those who could to give blood noting that blood resources tend to become scarce this time of year.

President David presented a red badge to new member Haleh Vaziri and a blue badge to Steen Steensen

Reneer McPhatter gave a new member talk in which she discussed the lessons that she learned from each of three universities – North Carolina University (where she earned her bachelor’s degree and met a diverse student body), the University of Texas (where she earned her law degree and a conviction that everyone in the United States should understand the U.S. judicial system) and George Washington University (where she now works).   

President David lead the Club Assembly in which the activities of the Club and its committees during first quarter (July 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012) were reviewed.   First, he discussed the Club Service activities, i.e., the (1) Program Committee; (2) Hospitality Table, Greeters, Inspiration, Raffle and Meeting in Review; (3) Fundraiser; (4) Planning, Research and Evaluation; (5) Website Maintenance & Development; and (6) Public Relations.  President David noted that the Program Committee continued to recruit outstanding speakers. The Fundraiser Committee, under Laurie Husak, has organized subcommittees, determined to have a Mardi Gras theme and set a tentative date for the fundraiser as February 9, 2013.  As head of the Planning, Research and Evaluation Committee, Quentin Wodon performed two membership survey’s for our Rotary District; worked on the Club’s Three-Year Plan; and, prepared and evaluation of the Club’s Stanton Tutoring Program. 

Peggy Schoen, as head of the Website Maintenance & Development Committee, worked to understand the intricacies of ClubRunner.  She developed a long list of web development goals, which she distributed during the Club Assembly.  She also requested that anyone interested in assisting with these web improvements contact her at

President David announced that the Club’s Board of Directors and the Foundation’s Board of Directors approved a proposal to take $7,500 from this year’s Community Service Grant budget to help finance awards for Excellence in Non-Profit Management.  These awards are given by the Center for Non-Profit Advancement.  Our Club will get major recognition in the Washington Post, which co-sponsors these awards.

Mark Wilson reviewed the Club’s international service activities – (1) International Service committee, (2) Peace Project, (3) Embassy Relations Committee, (4) Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, (5) Scholarships Committee and (6) Scotland Friendship Exchange.  Kathy Ward reported on the Club’s Vocation Service activities including the Career Fair and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (“RYLA”).  Shaun English reported on the Club’s Community Service activities including (1) Community Service Grants, (2) Dictionary Project, (3) Grate Patrol, (4) Walter Reed Bingo, (5) Habitat for Humanity and (6) Trees for the Capital.    Shaun English and Quentin Wodon reported on the activities relating to the “New” Generations.  Specifically, Shaun English discussed the Club’s support of the Boys & Girls Clubs, School Beautification and Stanton Tutoring.  Quentin Wodon discussed the Club’s support of the Rotaract Club, Interact Club and Rotary Youth Exchange.  Regarding the Rotary Youth Exchange, anyone interested in hosting a foreign teenager should contact Jennifer Hara.

Abrahem Helal discussed Club Membership activities.  Specifically, he discussed (1) Recruitment of New Members vs. Losses, (2) New and Prospective Member Orientation Sessions, (3) Fireside Chats, (4) Advisors, (5) New Member Classification Talks, (6) Retention (including absence follow-up, health and welfare, and fellowship events).  President David reviewed the Club’s first quarter budget results.  While revenue was $5,126 less than projected, expenses were $12,927 less than expected.  The bottom line was $11,628 in the black.

Following the above report, there was an active discussion that largely focused on the Career Fair.

President David ended the meeting with the raffle.  Lisa Cohen sold the tickets.  Balraj Gupta won the small pot.  He did not draw the ace of spades, hence the large pot will continue to grow.

Hospitality was handled by Balraj Gupta and Ted Hamady. The Greeters were Monish Dutt and Nobutoshi Hanai.

The meeting was adjoined at 1:30 PM.