The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Elect, Shaun English, who led the American members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Words of Inspiration, inspired by Mothers’ Day, were delivered by Deraux Branch

SECRETARY’S REPORT.  Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests:

  • Pandit Wright, President and CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington.  She was the guest of Monica Boner.
  • Minnie Annan, Deputy Regional Director, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington.  She was the guest of Monica Boner.
  • Elaine Labsohn, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington.  She was the guest of Monica Boner.
  • Ron Osterbauer, Executive Director, Kids Against Hunger.  He was the guest of John Danner.
  • Peggy Osterbauer, Special Projects, Kids Against Hunger.  She was the guest of John Danner.
  • Eduardo Ulloa, MBA Graduate.  He was the guest of Clara Montanez.
  • James Springer, JPS Consulting.  He was the guest of Clara Montanez.
  • Nina-Simone Blake, Intern at the YMCA.  She was the guest of Donnie Shaw.
  • Jennifer Roccanti, Director of Development, Miriam’s Kitchen.  She was the guest of Abe Helal.  
  • Ashley Lawson, Corporate Relations Manager, Miriam’s Kitchen.  She was the guest of Abe Helal.
  • Pamela Mitchell, Founder ID-Class Solutions.  She was the guest of John Danner.
  • Clint Johnston, International Regional Director, Kids Against Hunger.  He was the guest of John Danner.
  • Becky Dvorak, Director of Marketing and Communications, Kids Against Hunger.  She was the guest of John Danner.
  • Andrew Koval, President/CEO Med Pharm.  He was the guest of Jim Lanning and is a prospective member.  

The following individuals were visiting international Rotarians: Maria Lejerstedt from Stromstad, Sweden, and Karl Axel Wikstrom from Tanumshede, Sweden. 


Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Haleh Vaziri announced the following birthdays:

  • Doris Margolis, whose birthday is May 10.  Past President Doris, who joined our club in 1998, has served in numerous positions for both our club and Rotary International, including as President of our Club (2004-05) and Foundation President (2008-09).  She was sponsored by Larry Margolis and her classification is Journalism: Editorial Services.
  • Dave Treadwell, whose birthday is May 10.  Dave joined our club in 2003 and was sponsored by Wil Rose.  His classification is Religious Organizations:  Central Union Mission.
  • David Klaus, whose birthday is May 11.  President David joined our club in 1997 and was sponsored by David Hamod.  His classification is International Development:  Human Resources.
  • Sheldon Ray, whose birthday is May 12.  Sheldon joined our club in 1991, after membership in the Hong Kong South Club.  He was sponsored by E.J. Delaune and his classification is Investments:  Equities.  


Haleh Vaziri reported on the results of the April 2013online survey designed by the Program Committee to solicit members’ opinions and suggestions regarding the speakers who address the DC Rotary Club.  Fifty-six individuals—roughly one-third of the active membership—responded to the six-question survey.

  • The top factors in attracting and holding members’ attention were (in order of importance):  1) the theme of the speaker’s remarks; 2) the speaker’s reputation or achievement in her/his field; 3) the speaker’s presentation style.  Only two respondents pointed to a speaker’s institutional affiliation as most important in drawing their interest.
  • Reflecting the professional activities and interests that characterize Washington, DC, the three most popular fields from which members like to hear speakers are: 1) “government & politics” (26 respondents); 2) “diplomacy” (17 respondents); and 3) “history” (14 respondents). Of mid-level popularity (10-13 respondents) are topics relating to “economics,” “science,” “media” and “finance.”  Fields of least interest to members are “agriculture and rural development,” “law,” and “sociology,” all of which received two or fewer votes.
  • When asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with the selection of speakers invited to our club, 27 respondents said that they are “very satisfied” and 17 are “somewhat satisfied.” Seven members declared that they are “completely satisfied.”  Only one person is “very dissatisfied.”  In short, respondents are generally pleased with the speaker series, but the survey results show that there is always room for improvement.


  • Presiding President Shaun informed the Club that by all accounts, the Friendship Exchange with the Scots from the Edinburgh Club was a huge success.   President Shaun recognized the members who worked together to make the visit special, asking those who hosted the Scots in their home, or hosted or organized an event or outing to stand.  He gave a special thank you and the Club’s gratitude to Mark Wilson and Peggy Schoen for all of their coordinating and efforts in making the visit such a huge success.  
  • A District Assembly training session will be held this Saturday from 8:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in Beltsville.  It is recommended for incoming club leaders, but is open to any member who would like to attend.  The cost is $25.  If you would like to attend, contact Gretchen.
  • Movie night is Thursday, May 9 at E Street Cinema.  The movie is “The Company You Keep,” Robert Redford’s latest film. 
  • Walter Reed bingo will be held on Thursday, May 16.  Contact Peggy Garrett or Shaun English by Tuesday, May 14 to get on the list for security clearance. 
  • Presiding President Shaun presented a Paul Harris +2 pin to Quentin Wodon.  
  • Monica Boner presented a check for $75,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington from the Foundation’s Jelleff Fund.  Pandit Wright, President and CEO, accepted the check on behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. 


Clara Montanez introduced the guest speaker, PDG Richard Carson, Rotary International’s Representative to the Organization of American States.  Richard Carson’s remarks focused on the power of literacy, including the connection between literacy and peace and literacy and human rights.  He emphasized the power of literacy in changing, not only an individual’s life, but an entire country.  For example, countries with increasing literacy rates also show an increase in their GNP.  The majority of illiterate individuals in the world are women.  Literacy rates also impact behavior in our society.  Statistics show that 85% of juvenile offenders were illiterate at the end of the third grade.  Conversely, 99% of children who are literate at the end of the third grade do not get involved in criminal activities.  Richard Carson agreed to give a copy of his remarks to the Club’s secretary. 


Andy Cook won the raffle’s small pot of $54, but he did not win the large pot ($397), which continues to grow.


The meeting was supported by the following:

  • Liz Salett sold the raffle tickets.
  • Stu Shalloway and Lenore Jacobs manned the hospitality table.
  • Doris Margolis and Ausra Kaminskas greeted members and guests. 

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM