President David Treadwell opened the meeting at 12:30 pm, leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
As is traditional this year for the fifth Wednesday of the month, Jim Freeman used the words of inspiration time to inspire us with a piece of Rotary history.  He reminded us that Paul Harris founded the club 111 years ago when he was 37. Our Washington club is 104 years old. It was 25 years ago when President George H.W. Bush and the RI president met and spoke of reforestation efforts. President Bush established “Trees for the Capital” and placed the Park Service in charge, with Rotary becoming a partner. In 1932 Harris visited five continents and planted trees as a symbol of international cooperation.  Perhaps now our club’s Trees for the Capital effort should become Trees for the Capitals around the world.
For my last time as secretary, I (Mike Carmichael) welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests:
Host or Rotary Affiliation
Kirsten Post
Dupont Circle Club, DC
Holley Stewart
Asif Bhally
Lena Arkawi
Heather Jaffran
Joel Coulter
Sam Hancock
Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Kimbrough   announced the birthdays of those Rotarians celebrating this week:
  • Mohammad Shouman - June 26.  Mohammad joined our club in March of this year. He was sponsored by Abe Helal and his classification is Law: International Development.
  • Paula Delo - June 29. Paula joined Rotary in October 1998. Her classification is Journalism: Publications. Paula was sponsored by Doris Margolis.
  • Andrew Cook - June 30. Andy joined the Rotary in October 1998 and is a Past President of our club, 2005 -2006. He was sponsored by Peter Kennedy and his classification is Law: Government Contracts. 
  • Stefan Alber-Glanstaetten - July 2. Stefan joined the club in November 2011. He was sponsored by David Klaus and his classification is International Development: Operations. 
President David presented blue badges to Rich Madison, Awad Morgan, and Bill Busker.  
David announced our next happy hour will be a week from tomorrow night at the University Club.
This being David Treadwell’s last meeting as Club President, he took time to look back at the Rotary year and present a few awards. 
He started with recognition of Irene Koerner for her hosting the happy hours and May Gwinn O’Brien for work on the movie nights.  Then he gave a belated trophy to his predecessor, Jennifer Hara and recognized the strong support he had from the sequence of club administrators Gretchen Kearney, Monica Conroy, and Sarah Elsamanoudi and from Christine of his office.
He selected Lisa McCurdy as Rotarian of the Year for her work with the Duck Race fundraiser and last week presented Marilyn Cruz with the award as New Rotarian of the Year.
Extraordinarily beautiful certificates were given to many for their work this year.  (In a nod to our club’s finances, the certificates were relatively inexpensive, since they came without frames.)
Other award recipients included: officers Ross Grantham, Michael Carmichael, Gene Massey,  Ken Kimbrough, and Steve Adkins; board members Peggy Schoen, Nancy Riker, Abrahem Helal, Tony Cusack, Hal Vaughn, Monica Smith, Lynn Holec, Donnie Shaw, and Haleh Vaziri; and special citation recipients Brendan McGinnis, Maria Nelly Pavisich, Clara Montanez, Steve Liston, Tom Kern, Michael Harper, Jay Pugh, Jessica Stewart, Daniel Mullin, Glen O'Gilvie, Raven Canty, Jennifer Galloway, Harold Vaughn, Joan Bristol, Andy Cook, Tim Hurd, Kenneth Brown, Alicia Rule, Balraj Gupta, Stu Shalloway, John Jackson, Russ Savage, Bill Dent, Pat Kavanaugh, Jim Freeman, Sam Hancock, Octavian Onici, May Gwinn O’Brien, and Darren Crew.  
Nancy Riker presented an overdue 2014 Paul Harris award to Akiko Murai; she had been traveling when that year’s other Paul Harris awards were conferred.
David reviewed his goals for the year and progress toward them.  The emphasis was on fellowship, integrity, diversity, service, and leadership.
Goals were to develop a multiple-year strategic plan, and Alicia Rule’s group made progress on that. 
He wanted a net growth in membership; he believes with those applicants in the pipeline we may achieve that, but even with nearly 40 new members, our numbers are down at the moment.
Another goal was to reach the million-dollar mark in the club’s cumulative giving to the Rotary Foundation, and we achieved that.
We wanted to have fun, and did.  Even though we did not have a winter social, music was brought back into meetings; we had Hawaiian shirt day; and our happy hours and movie nights have provided much enjoyment. 
Our club is very diverse in many ways, but we have not seen enough African Americans in positions of top leadership.  We could see them in key committee roles, but the nominating committee needs to bring more forth for the top jobs.
At the start of the year we wanted to increase our use of our Executive Director Gretchen Kearney’s higher-level talents, but her contract envisioned part-time work for us which turned out not to be realistic, particularly as she had another job and two small children.  She left and Monica Conroy came back on a temporary part-time basis, and then we were finally able to contract with Sarah Elsamanoudi, clearly on a part-time basis. At the same time, we had an abrupt change in accountants, the mid-year disablement of our treasurer, and other problems which interfered with smooth operation of the club. 
We wanted to expand on the Rotary Day effort Jennifer had in her year and we did that by folding it into our Duck Race, which made us even more visible in the community.
Another goal was to finish the year financially in the black.  We really missed that, but are making progress for the future with the help of Mike Carmichael and Darren Crew who stepped in to help with financial operations in the last quarter and will be continuing that work under Ross Grantham.
Our weekly meetings have been outstanding this year.  We all seem to look forward to them. They have always been enlightening and sometimes fun.  Attendance has been up about 15% from last year.
Special thanks is due to the club and RI foundations for the good work they do and to our club’s committees, both in raising funds and in evaluating grant applications.
President David thanked all those present for their involvement and commitment to Rotary.
Alicia Rule won the raffle’s small pot of $73, but did not win the large pot of $1,142.
President David announced our new President, Ross Grantham, would hold his first Club Assembly on July 6.   He thanked Ken Brown and Balraj Gupta for staffing the Hospitality Desk, and Scott Love for managing the raffle.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.