President David opened the meeting at 12:30, led in a pledge of allegiance to our flag, and introduced Jim Freeman to present the Words of Inspiration.
Secretary Mike Carmichael welcomed guests Lizabeth Wagger, Mike Matter, Liliana Sulikouska-Klebek, June Huber, Mary Goldsmith, Heather Young, David Morres, Lauren Seibert, Haley Choi, Tom Lillis, Beth Lawton, Travis Gideon, Gary Zuercher, and Ludwig Ahlquist.
Sergeant at Arms Ken Kimbrough recognized birthdays
Bala Murthy - July 29
 New to our club, but not new to Rotary, Bala Murthy joined our club in June, but first joined Rotary in 1987. His classification is Information Technology and he was sponsored by Jennifer Hara.
Kathy Bailey - July 30
 Kathy joined our club in 2014, sponsored by Kathy Ward. Her classification is Law.
Andrew Clark - July 30
 Andrew was sponsored by Lisa McCurdy when he joined our club in December. His classification is Financial Advisor.
Chris Teras - August 1
 Chris was sponsored by Max Salas when he joined our club in 1998. His classification is International Law.
      Annapolis crab feast to be held 8/7/2015; followed by a discussion of the upcoming Italy trip and possible room shortages to be determined.
Committee Report:
     Raven Canty, Chair of the Public Relations Committee, reported that we are connecting with other community organizations and gave a video presentation on their work.
Paul Harris awards were presented to Sterling Hoffman, Jennifer Hara, and Ross Grantham.
Blue Badge presentation was made to Judith Henderson.
Program Summary:
     Haleh Vaziri introduced the speaker Maurice Middleberg, who made a great presentation about the problems with human trafficking in our world today. He emphasized that radical change needs to be achieved with we are to curtail modern day slavery which persists in multiple forms. In fact, has become a big time problem. The essence of the situation is people are being held in-place for profit to benefit others which these profits are on the backs of somewhere between 21 and 36 million people annually. Leaders in this terrible matter are South East Asia, Western and Central Africa, and even exists here in the D.C. Metro Area.
     This amounts to $150 billion dollars a year of profit, 20% of it a sexual nature, the balance in non-compensated labor. To make this work, it relies on heavy dependence of manual labor. An example of how the debt grows is a small borrowing, not paid-off, and becomes intergenerational. We must find a way to break this cycle of slavery. Four ways that this is perpetuated is 1) lack of awareness, 2) rule of legal exception (laws not enforced), 3) absence of essential services (e.g. lone sharks), and 4) absence of protection of survivors. People get re-trafficked. Possible interventions can be achieved by 1) stop forced marriages, 2) educate people on their rights, 3) anti-slavery committees. Effectively people must organize and educate those at-risk. For example, Brazil should liberate the slaves. We need to promote access to safer opportunities and we need to reorient people to help with community involvement. Last year the organization pulled 10,000 people out of slavery, and yet, only 163 perpetrators were arrested. The goal is to execute the approach to bring people out of slavery. An example was given of what happened to 58 people in a brick manufacturing factory. A song of freedom is in many languages.
Cherry Baumbusch won the small pot of $68 dollars and did not win the large pot of $1,340. President David announced the next date meeting of August 5th, 2015 and thanked Kevin Baumb for conducting today’s raffle, Balraj Gupta, Stu Shalloway, and Jonny Allem staffed the hospitality desk, Howard Davis and Pete Larson were serving at greeters and Pete Larson wrote today’s meeting review.