The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President David Klaus, who led the American attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. Words of inspiration were provided by David Treadwell.
Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests
  • Kara Merrigan, President of Rotaract.
  • Marilyn Cruz, Treasurer of Rotaract.
  • Kevin Kimbrough, President of the KAR Group; invited by Ken Kimbrough.
  • Barry Loftun, Director, Corporate and Community Relationships, Friendship Charter School; invited by Nancy Riker.
  • Doranna Tindal, Principal, Technical Preparatory Academy, Friendship Charter School, invited by Nancy Riker.
  • Dennis Gonler, Executive at TARP; invited by Sheldon Ray.
  • Visiting international Rotarian Dr. Sohail Qureshi, President of the Rotary Club of Sahiwal and Chairman of Cancer Awareness (Rotary District 3272), from Sahiwal, Pakistan. Dr. Qureshi was interested in discussing breast cancer awareness with interested members of our club. He can be reached at

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen announced the following birthdays:

  • Sam Holt – Jan 18 – Sam was sponsored by Peter Gilsey and joined the Club in 1992. His classification is Consulting: Communications/Media.
  • Executive Director Gretchen Kearney – January 14.

As producer of the Washington Auto Show, Jerry Murphy distributed two complementary tickets per person to Rotarians at lunch today. The tickets are good any time  the show is open, from Friday, February 1, through Sunday, February 10, 2013. He said the best time to come is during the week as the show is  crowded on weekends. Even better, call or email his office (202-237-7200) and have Kristina ( register you as a Washington D.C. Rotarian for the Sneak Peek Preview Reception Thursday, January 31 from 5-8 p.m. Dress is business attire. Rotarians can bring up to three (3) guests to the Preview, which is what the Auto Show offers to VIPs. Last year President Obama dropped by to check out the Detroit-3 muscle cars. The Sneak Peek is a very civilized way to tour the Auto Show with a cocktail and entertainment along with the opportunity to return with the complementary tickets.

The deadline for the Community Service Grants has been extended to January 31, 2013. Please contact any nonprofits you know that may want to apply for a grant. Wilhelmina Bratton has further information.

President David, Don Messer, and Peggy Schoen attended an event honoring D.C. Public School teachers, administrators, and support staff on Monday night at the Kennedy Center. It was a moving and inspirational event.

President David announced that the Rotary theme for the 2013-2014 Rotary Year will be “Engage Rotary, Change Lives.”

Lauren Lloyd provided insight with a New Member Classification Talk. Born in Hawaii, she was raised to appreciate all cultures. She works in abuse prevention, working for kids to have a safe place to grow up. She works to ensure fair treatment of people at all times. She is a member of National Community Church.

PP Howard Davis provided an update on fundraising efforts to date for the Rotary Foundation of Washington, D.C. More than 70 members have contributed more than $18,000 so far. The campaign ends January 31, so it’s not too late to contribute!

President David then gave the introduction for our Second Quarter Club Assembly. Such assemblies were recommended during his President-Elect Training Sessions (PETS) and provide a useful function in informing the membership, particularly the new members, as well as prospective members, of what happened around the Club during the quarter just ended.

CLUB SERVICEClara Montanez

I. Program Committee – The committee, headed by Clara Montanez, has been very active and had a wide range of speakers last quarter. Examples of recent speakers:  Carl Gresham, President, National Endowment for Democracy; Joan Danzinger, renowned DC-based sculptress, and Chris Appel, an artist who specializes in Italian landscapes. Clara recognized and thanked Dick Pyle for his leadership during the first semester of the Rotary Year and for bringing the committee to a higher standard.

II. Meeting Organization - Every week a group of volunteers work quietly behind the scenes to ensure that all the support functions of the meetings are in place, including:

  • The Hospitality Table – Balraj Gupta, Ted Hamady, Stu Shalloway, and Norm Coe
  • The Greeters – Ken Kimbrough
  • The Words of Inspiration – Russ Savage
  • The Raffle – Stu Shalloway
  • The Meeting in Review – Lynn Holec

III. Planning, Research, and Evaluation – At the request of the District Governor, Quentin Wodon conducted a survey of Rotarians throughout the District to gather information bearing on possible improvements and expansion of Rotary in the District. He will be presenting the results to the members of the Board and will be posting the document on the website.

IV. Website Maintenance and Development - Peggy Schoen has been updating the website and held a training session last quarter for Committee Chairs to teach them about the capabilities of the website for purposes of communicating more efficiently with members of the committees and as a place to archive and share files.

V. Public Relations – During the Second Quarter, our club signed an agreement with the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, headed by Glen O’Gilvie, a new member of our club. The Center is supported by The Washington Post. The Center annually gives Awards for Excellence in Nonprofit Advancement to deserving non-profits in the metropolitan area. Alexander Kravetz and Ed O’Brien had worked to develop this initiative. PP Larry Margolis represents our Club on the Awards Committee, which includes other key actors in the metropolitan nonprofit sector. The committee has already had one meeting and will be considering many submissions from nonprofits over the next three months. The next Foundation Board meeting on January 29 will be at the offices of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement.


I. International Service Committee - During the Second Quarter, the committee. Headed by Mark Wilson and Maria Nelly Pavisich, established criteria on how to allocate its $20,500 budget for the year, with Quentin Wodon and Jean-Pierre Lacombe taking the lead. The following projects were considered, reviewed, or discussed during the Second Quarter:

INDIA:  The Future Vision project to provide rain water harvesting structures and toilet blocks in rural Maharashtra, India, went through an in-depth technical review at the Committee, District, and WASRAG (the Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group) levels. The committee is in conversations to scale up the project with WASRAG, with the help of additional partners from D 5420 in California. Hal Vaughan leading.

THAILAND:  The Board approved funds for the Akha Children's Rescue Mission in Thailand. Hal Vaughan leading.

TURKEY:  The Vocational Training Team for Breast Cancer Treatment to Adana, Turkey, that was planned for November, 2012, was postponed until April, 2013. Glynis Long leading

KENYA:  A proposal for a Peace Project in Kenya from President David was also reviewed in the Second Quarter. It was decided that it needs further work before it can be approved.

KENYA: A proposal to provide medications for the treatment for opportunistic infections of HIV-positive orphans in the Nyumbani Home is under consideration.

II. Embassy Relations Committee - Headed by Christa McClure, recruited the Ambassador of Nepal and the Deputy Chief of Mission of Argentina as speakers in the Second Quarter.

III. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF) – During the Second Quarter, President David included a “Foundation Moment” in several of the weekly meeting agendas to raise awareness of the good works accomplished in the world by TRF and to encourage Rotarians to contribute.

IV. Scholarships Committee – Chaired by Jennifer Hara, the committee met November 10, interviewed three candidates, and recommended two to the District Chair, Ms. Tracey Heibel, as candidates for the Global Grant Scholarship. Both candidates will be interviewed by the District January 19.

V. Scotland Friendship Exchange – Planning for this exchange with the Rotary Club of Edinburgh continued in the Second Quarter, with Mark Wilson in charge. Our club will receive the Scots Rotarians from April 28 to May 4, 2013, and they will receive us from June 2 to 8, 2013.

VI. Jamaica Fact-Finding Trip – During the Second Quarter, Dick Pyle and Mark Wilson started working with contacts in the Rotary Club of Lucea, Jamaica, to organize a trip to Jamaica in March with a small group of Rotarians to review needs and the scope of a possible project there.

VII.         District-Level Engagements – During the Second Quarter, several Rotarians from our club attended a District 7620 Super Summit in Annapolis, Maryland, organized by Lisa-Marie Monsanto in her role as District Grants Committee Chair. The event, on November 17, focused on international projects. Maria Nelly Pavisich made a presentation on “Future Vision Projects: What makes them tick”, sharing her experience working on a Future Vision Global Grant for Malaria Prevention and Treatment in Mali.


I. Dictionary Project – Chair Shaun English, backed up by Co-Chair Nancy Riker, engaged the membership in delivering approximately 3,700 children’s dictionaries and 900 Spanish-English dictionaries. There are 126 non-private elementary schools in D.C., of which 80 are public schools and 46 are charter schools. The Capitol Hill Rotary Club delivered to 12 schools and our club delivered to 102 schools. The Club next year will try to include the 2 public schools and the 10 charter Schools that were missed this year.

II. Community Service Grants – Chair Wilhelmina Bratton conducted organizational meetings in the Second Quarter and invited proposals from non-profit entities serving the D.C. metropolitan region. The deadline for submission has been extended to January 31. The main work of this committee will take place in the Third Quarter.

III. Grate Patrol – During the Second Quarter, Rotarian and Rotaract volunteers continued to go out in the Salvation Army Van each 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Friday of the month to feed the homeless. John Jackson coordinated this effort.

IV. Walter Reed Bingo – During the Second Quarter, Rotarians and Rotaractors continued to play bingo with wounded warriors and their families on the third Thursday of the month at the Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda. In November, Bingo night was cancelled as the Committee Chair, Shaun English was ill. Thanks to new member Steve Genung and co-chair Peggy Garrett, monthly bingo resumed in December. Towards the end of the Second Quarter, the Club was asked to play bingo with wounded warriors at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. That idea is under consideration.

V. Trees for the Capital – Chair Bill Dent reported that no tree planting occurred during the Second Quarter. The National Park Service finally selected a replacement for the person who handled partnership relations but not in time to coordinate our usual fall tree planting near the Tidal Basin. Alexander Kravetz attempted to schedule a tree planting at McPherson Square on December 19th before the last weekly meeting of the year, but neither he nor Bill heard back from the primary contact for the new "park re-treeing" initiative. 

VI. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) – Chair Bill Dent reported that with the help of Gladys Pemberton, the Committee selected four students from McKinley Senior High School and Village Academy (a Public Charter school) during the Second Quarter. The dates of the RYLA Conference are February 16, 17 and 18. In years past, students were selected from Roosevelt and Dunbar Senior High Schools, but the teachers who previously worked with the Committee had moved on, so new relationships were established.

VII. Habitat for Humanity – During  the Second Quarter, Chair Howard Davis reported that there was a Build Day held at the “Enpowerhouse” in the Deanwood area of the city. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the day was the explanation of the construction techniques and materials used. The energy-saving technology used in this house will result in utility bills that are 90% lower than comparable space in the District of Columbia and it is the first and only house of its kind in the District. DC Habitat is on the leading edge of this type of construction and Rotary is a part of it. The actual "Rotary House" will be built in Ivy City and construction is expected to start in the spring. 

VIII. Career Fair - Under the leadership of Chair Kathy Ward, The Club supported Roosevelt High School’s Career Fair on December 4 with 10 Rotarians who interacted with over 200 students to discuss job opportunities in each of their fields. A partnership with Friendship Charter High School was initiated and today we are honored to have their leadership with us. Work began in the Second Quarter to support the Columbia Heights Education Campus’s Career Fair, scheduled for March 21, 2013. The Club’s proposed partnership with the Redskins Foundation was suspended temporarily in the Second Quarter until a new executive director is hired this spring.


I. Interact – Chair Quentin Wodon reported that during the Second Quarter, the new Interact Club at the Washington International School continued to hold monthly bake sales at the school to provide income for their charitable activities. Quentin reported that the Club now (finally!) has one young man member, in addition to the young women who are members. In November and December, the Interact Club held a toy and book drive (to which many Rotarians contributed); the toys and books were donated to Martha’s Table, a non-profit organization that works with low-income families. A delegation from the Club was welcomed by Martha's Table’s CEO on December 14. The new toys and children's books will be given for Christmas to low-income families that participate in Martha's Table’s programs. The books will be used for the launch of a second thrift store that Martha's Table will open in Anacostia in early 2013.

II. Rotaract – During the Second Quarter, the Rotaract Club, for which Jennifer Hara is the liaison, undertook a Halloween fundraiser which raised $485 for the Shelter Box charity. Club President Kara Merrigan reported that they had some great speakers in the Second Quarter, including  the manager for agriculture and rural development from the World Bank, a reporter from WAMU (American University Radio), a Human Resources specialist speaking about resume writing, and a local artist. Rotaractors regularly volunteered at the Walter Reed bingo and Grate Patrol during the Second Quarter and also at KEEN DC, where they played with disabled children. They raised $75 for the Stop Modern Slavery Walk and also volunteered the day of the walk. Finally, they created a popular brunch series event, went camping in the Shenandoah, and went ice skating together.

III. Tutoring at Stanton Elementary SchoolDon Messer and his team continued to tutor third, fourth, and fifth-graders at Stanton Elementary School in the Second Quarter. The children respond extremely well to the tutoring. During the Second Quarter, the principal of Stanton Elementary School and the fourth-grade mathematics teacher, with whom the Rotarians have had extensive interaction, were selected to receive Rubenstein Awards for Highly Effective Leadership and Highly Effective Teachers, respectively.


I. Recruitment of New Members vs. Losses – At the beginning of the Rotary year (July 1, 2012), the Club had 156 members. Attrition was estimated at 15%, which would be 23 members, based on the original number. We lost 11 members during the first semester of the Rotary year (July 1-December 31, 2012), of which 8 were resignations and 3 were terminations. So attrition was slightly less than half the projected attrition. The Recruitment goal for the year was 36 new members, of which 18 were projected for the first semester. There were 17 new members during the first semester, and we ended December with several new member applications pending. So as of December 31, 2012, we had 162 members, which puts us slightly ahead of schedule:  156 + 17 – 11 = 162. Abrahem Helal heads the membership recruitment effort.

II. Orientation – In the Second Quarter, we had two New and Prospective Member Orientations and two Fireside Chats. New members continue to be assigned Advisors by Joan Bristol and continued to be assigned classifications by PP Pat Kavanaugh at the time their applications were considered for membership. We had six New Member Classification Talks during the Second Quarter, organized by Akiko Murai

III. Retention – During the Second Quarter, five members of the Membership Committee had the duty of following up with members who had not been attending regularly. Two Rotarians continued to be in charge of the Health and Welfare function. Renee McPhatter continued to contact members to congratulate them on their wedding anniversaries and anniversaries of joining the Club and also continued sending sympathy notes when members were ill or when someone had passed away. Alexander Kravetz continued to send out birthday cards to members when their birthdays arrive. There was one major Fellowship Event in the Second Quarter:  the holiday party on December 9 at DACOR’s Bacon House, which was organized by Peggy Schoen. In addition, the monthly Happy Hours at the University Club continued, organized by Alexander Kravetz and Irene Koerner, as did the monthly Movie Nights, organized by Alexander Kravetz and May Gwinn.


As end-December data were not available, the semester analysis constitutes data through the end of November 2012.

I. Projected revenues by end-November were $135,015; actual revenues were $128,578. So revenues were $6,437 under budget. The main reasons were (a) we did not raise dues by $5 per quarter starting on October 1, 2012, and (b) guest lunches (paid at the door) were lower than predicted.

II. Projected expenses by end-November were $126,761; actual expenses were $112, 721. So expenses were $14,040 under budget. The main reasons were (a) lower personnel costs (the Executive Director and the Program Advisor) and (b) holding the line on all other expenses.

III. The bottom line at the end of November was projected to be $8,254 in the black. In fact, the Club was $15,857 in the black at the end of November. The implications are (a) that we won’t need to raise dues, as recommended by the Finance Committee, (b) that we


As of December 31, 2012, our Foundation was worth $6,465,033. The total income (dividends and interest) in Calendar Year 2012 was projected to be $300,000; in fact, it was $308,118. This represented a net return of 14.9%. Our Foundation is managed by Sheldon Ray, who is to be commended!

FUNDRAISER:  President David

Past member Norm Herring’s vision was to start modestly with an annual fundraiser and build it up over the years so that it would become institutionalized. In this way, a good proportion of the membership would be involved, it would build esprit de corps, and it would, in particular, help integrate new members into the Club through an all-club activity. Revenues from the fundraiser would help balance our club’s budget, provide a “cushion” so that we wouldn’t need to sweat the small things so much, and allow us to do things we presently can’t afford.

Norm loved wine, so he proposed a wine auction. We had several wine auctions at the Embassies of France, Germany, and New Zealand as well as at the Nationals Ball Park. All were very successful events, both logistically and financially (the lowest we netted was over $12,000). Many people from outside the Club attended. The main problem was that club participation in putting on the event was low.

President David mentioned that at the Large Club Conferences (large Rotary Clubs of the U.S. and Canada), he noted that virtually all the other large Rotary Clubs have an annual fundraiser which has become institutionalized over the years, which involves most of the membership in its execution, and which nets large amounts of money. The annual Crab Feast put on by the Rotary Club of Annapolis is an example.

Following the last Wine Auction, in November of 2009, there was a general sense of burn-out among those who had worked to put on the event. The following Rotary year, there was an attempt to hire a member of the Club to produce the Wine Auction, which wasn’t successful. The following Rotary year we had out Centennial celebrations, and it was thought that one big all-club event in the Rotary year was enough.

This Rotary year, President David’s vision was to try to revive the event, putting in charge a Rotarian who organizes fundraisers professionally and involving the new members to the extent possible. But only three members showed up for the kick-off event. The leadership of the International Service Committee, which was to be a beneficiary of the event (along with the Club itself), was not enthusiastic about helping stage an event.

At the time the Club’s budget for this Rotary year was developed, it was thought that about $5,000 would be required from a fundraiser to balance the budget for the year. As we have just seen, however, the club was almost $16,000 in the black at the end of November, so the $5,000 probably won’t be needed. The International Service Committee has a budget of $20,500 for this Rotary year. It has allocated all of the funds but hasn’t yet disbursed any of it.

President David had hoped to discuss the pros and cons of holding a fundraiser with the Board of Directors at the December Board meeting. Since, however, we were unable to raise a quorum, the December Board meeting had to be canceled, and the matter was not discussed. President David has therefore taken executive action to cancel the club fundraiser originally scheduled for February 9 until and unless strong support can be garnered. Since most of our Club’s activities are financed by our Foundation, President David urged the members to contribute to the

Peggy Schoen commented that she had participated in a recent small group fundraiser. She mentioned that while small events raise small amounts of funds, they are enjoyable, don’t require twisting any arms, and produce respectable returns without the liability of paying for a venue or other large expense. Paula Delo has mentioned a similar idea for low-cost, “fireside” events with prominent people at no-cost venues.

Jerry Murphy commented that he remembered the various Wine Auctions as having been well attended and successful and that he is sorry they can’t be continued.

President David asked how many of the members present might be interested in working on a fundraiser if the idea were revived. About a dozen hands were raised. President David invited those members to give their names to Clara Montanez following the meeting.

The Club Raffle was managed by Jessica Hancock. The small pot ($47) was won by Jay Pugh, who did not pull the Ace of Spades, so the large pot will be more than $1,000 next week!

The Meeting was supported by:

  • Hospitality TableBalraj Gupta, Ted Hamady, Norm Coe, Stu Shalloway
  • GreetersSteve Genung and Ken Kimbrough
  • Meeting in ReviewSteve Genung

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.