The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President David Klaus, who led the American attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. Words of inspiration were provided by Russ Savage.

Secretary Lynn Holec introduced the following guests:

·      Visiting Rotarian Francine Lawrence of  the Toledo Rotary Club, classification-education

·      Visiting Rotarian Russell Lacey of the Metro Bethesda Rotary, classification-energy.  Mr. Lacey invited everyone to visit the Metro Bethesda Rotary Club.

·      Visiting Rotarian Dereaux Branch, classification- banking.

·      Nick Arena, Senior Vice President Commercial banking group, Citibank is a prospective member.

·      Geof Chesbrough, Rear Admiral, retired, U.S. Navy, guest of Marjorie Scott

·      Sharon Taylor, Counsel, Arnold & Porter, guest of Marjorie Scott

·      Gabriela Pardo, guest of Clara Montanez

·      Marilou Donahue, President , Artistically Speaking, guest of Doris Margolis

·      Donna Smith, guest of Monica Smith

·      H.E. Al Maamoun Baba LABINE KEITA, Ambassador of Mali

Sergeant-at-Arms Peggy Schoen announced the following birthdays:

·     John “Buz” Gorman- Feb 10

Buz joined our club in 2012 and was sponsored by Abe Helal.  His classification is Associations: State Banking Regulators.

·     Cal French- Feb 11

Past President Cal (1993-1994) was sponsored by Ed Gleazer when he joined in 1980.  His classification is Clergy: Community of Christ Pastor Emeritus.

·     Russ Savage- Feb 13

Russ was sponsored by Norm Coe when he joined in 2005.  His classification is Clergy: Unitarian.

·     Jim Brookshire-Feb 16

Past President Jim (2008-2009) joined our club in 2000, sponsored by Larry Margolis.  His classification is Law: Environmental and Natural Resources.

·     Josette Conell- Feb 16

Josette joined our club in 2008, sponsored by Paula Delo.  Her classification is Education: French.


Grate Patrol this Friday Feb 15 and Tuesday Feb 19, Volunteers needed.

The Community Service Committee is in need of additional members and there is a sign-up sheet available for those that are interested. 

Walter Reed Bingo Thursday, Feb 21.  Set up and dinner is at 5pm.  Games begin at 6pm.  Pre-registration is required .  Please send your name to Peggy Garrett by 3 pm Tuesday, Feb 19 if you would like to attend.

Foundation Moment- President David spoke of an opportunity for our Rotary Club to apply for District Designated Funds if the club has given to both the Annual Program Fund and to the Polio Plus Program.  Projects qualify if they are sustainable and fit into one of the six Areas of Focus established by Rotary International under the Future Vision Program:

·       Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

·       Disease prevention and treatment

·       Water and sanitation

·       Maternal and child health

·       Basic education and literacy

·       Economic and community development

The Interact Club had a bake sale raising about $200.  Their bake sales have helped with recruiting new members and they are now at 13 members.  They are looking for a project to fund in a developing country.  If anyone would like to assist with matching funds, please contact Quentin Wodon at the end of the month.

The District is running ads on the Red Line of the Metro rail to encourage people to learn more about DC and Maryland Rotary Clubs.  Check it out on

The Austin Rotary Club is hosting a Centennial Celebration on April 6 and invited our DC Rotary Club to attend. 

New Member Talk: Antje Ruhfus

Antje is from Germany and her husband is an embassy representative of Belgium.  She has two sons ages 9 & 11 who attend Montgomery county schools.  When she moved to DC she wanted to get involved in the community and joined a group to share things about Germany with other individuals.  She enjoys teaching people things about Germany and its culture. 

She joined Rotary following the example of her father, who was the German Ambassador to the U.S, a Rotarian in Bonn, Germany.   Antje completed all of her Red Badge steps as a new member and received her Blue Badge after delivering her new member speech.

Clara Montanez introduced our Speaker- Glenn Stein, Imperial Trans-Atlantic Centenary Expedition

Glenn began his love of the polar region at the age of 21.  He has written and been published in several magazines and journals and is on a national tour promoting and speaking about the upcoming Imperial Trans-Atlantic Centenary Expedition.  This is his first stop for speaking engagements in the area. 

Mr. Stein shared that Antarctica is the only continent where there has not been any other people found when an expedition has occurred.  The challenge is that in the winter the continent doubles in size since the water freezes and creates more surface ice. 

The lowest temperature is 129 degrees below zero and the highest is 59 degrees.  Because the conditions are so harsh, the expeditions to Antarctica faced many difficulties, the most famous being the Shakleton- Batewell expedition.  An excerpt from the movie Shakleton was shown, capturing the group’s attention to the riveting beauty of the Antarctic and that era of exploration. 

Glenn shared that the explorer Batewell disguised himself as a Canadian when he joined the Shakleton expedition in Buenos Aeries and his American identity was not discovered until 50 years later.  The Imperial Trans-Atlantic Centenary expedition will be re-enacted in 2014 as a tribute to the heroic efforts of the Shakleton expedition that was never completed due to his death. One portion of the route is the equivalent to travelling from Seattle, WA to San Antonio, TX and will require methods of kite skiing, rowing through icy waters and climbing while navigating treacherous ice cliffs.    The Shakleton family motto “By endurance we conquer” embodies the values that we as Rotarians share. 

Raffle was done by Davis Kennedy.

The small pot of $89 was won by Max Salas.  The large pot will be more than $1300 next week!

Hospitality: Steve Genung, Stu Shalloway

Greeters: Lenore Jacobs, Buz Gorman