President David opened the meeting at 12:30, and led the club in the pledge of allegiance.
Words of inspiration:   Bob Schott discussed the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Declaration on Human Rights on 10 Dec. 1948, underscoring the importance of principles set out therein, and the overlap between the Declaration and the principles underlying Rotary.
Visitors and guests: Secretary Mike Carmichael welcomed to the meeting:
            - Carrina L. Sowden, Contract Attorney (Irene Koerner)
            - Tarus Nelson, Director, Strive 2 Tri (Kenneth Brown)
            - Alan Shulman, Meltzer Group (Metro Bethesda Rotary)
            - Vladimir Karelin, PR Coordinator (Irkutsk Rotary, Russia)
            - Hans-H. Kasten, Governor, District 1810, Germany
            - Rehmah Kasule, President, CEDA International (Kampala-Impala Rotary, Uganda)
            - Nancy Wilson, wife of her host (Mike Wilson)
Ugandan Greeting: Flags were exchanged with Rehmah Kasule, President of the Kampala Rotary. She shared her efforts as President of CEDA International to mentoring and empowering 12,000 young women. Her organization's activities received recognition from President Barack Obama at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in 2010 and Rehmah was in Washington at the invitation of First Lady Michelle Obama, and underscored the importance of Rotary and the support of the organization in further the mission of her organization.
- Club Foundation: Shaun English of the DC Foundation informed the club that the        Foundation had set a goal of realizing $35,000 in contributions by the end of January 2016.      Contributions could now be made on-line through PayPal, as well as through the club account or check. Contributions would be tiered at the Supporting ($25-100), Sustaining ($100-350), and Presidential ($350+) levels.
- Grate patrol: Rotary has a long-standing with the Salvation Army to help the homeless. Volunteers are needed on December 15/18. More information: John Jackson.
- Leadership: President David Treadwell thanked Gretchen for her hard work as Executive Director and informed the club that Past President Monica will be taking over her responsibilities until the position can be filled.
- Duck Derby: The team will be holding an open house on Dec 15th from 8 to 9:30am for prospective contributors. It will include a presentation and complementary food and beverages. More information: Jennifer Gallaway.
- Election: Jennifer Hara informed the club that the Dec 16th meeting would mark the start of the election of the next president. Information on the candidates [and procedure] would be emailed to members by PP Monica in due course.
- Movie night: May Yoneyama O'Brien invited us to attend the screening of “Spotlight” at the E-street theater on Dec 10th , proceeds from ticket sales would go to support club projects.
- New Year's Eve dinner: Paula Delo invited up to 40 Rotarians to celebrate New Years' Eve with a dinner to be held at the National Press Club and shared some event and menu highlights. The dinner would consist of 3 courses prepared from locally grown produce and meats (cost $77). More information & RSVP (by Dec. 21) contact Paula or May O'Brien.
- International grants: Brendan McGinnis shared the international grants report, including an overview of the six projects selected for financing ($26,000) during the course of 2016.
- Badges: Marilyn Cruz was presented with her blue badge.
Speaker Introduction: Stefan Alber-Glanstaetten introduced Alicia Wilson, Executive Director of La Clinica del Pueblo.
Presentation:  Alicia presented the work of community health center which has provide culturally appropriate health services to Latin American immigrants and refugees in the region since the influx of refugees from El Salvador in the 1980's.  She discussed the role of her organization as a federally qualified health-care provider and the importance of community health centers as the backbone of the Affordable Care Act. The clinic seeks to support those who are most difficult to serve, regardless of ability to pay, and was designated by the Department of Health and Human Services as the only high-value health-care provider in the region for its excellent ratio cost to outcome ratio. Alicia thanked Rotary for its financial ($34,000) and volunteer support of the clinic's Mi Familia program supporting families recovering from trauma. She renewed the invitation to members to volunteer at the clinic.
Closing activities
Raffle: Scott Love was the lucky winner of raffle ($43); unfortunately he did not win the full $615.
President David presented a certificate to Alicia Wilson indicating we would plant a tree in her honor; thanked Ken Brown for serving as Sergeant at Arms for Ken Kimbrough; thanked Balraj Gupta and Stu Shalloway for manning the Hospitality Desk; and thanked Robert Meins for writing the Meeting in Review.
The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm