Posted by Joan Bristol on December 10, 2016
The meeting was called to order by President Elect Nominee Lisa McCurdy at 12:30 who then led us in the pledge of allegiance to our flag.
Past President Larry Margolis gave the inspiration giving a brief overview of the activities of the DC Rotary Club over the last several years.
Haleh Vaziri welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests.
  • John Murdock, guest of Mike Harper
  • Idy Marcus, guest of Lisa McCurdy
  • Ray Hancock, Guest and husband of Lisa McCurdy
  • Ms Kynal, Guest of Sterling Hoffman
  • George Kychakoff, visitor
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Slavica Takasago, Englewood Club 7490
Rotarian Birthdays and Anniversaries were announced by Marilyn Cruz.
  • Pat Cunningham – December 1. Pat joined in December 2014. She was sponsored by Sam Hancock and her classification is Real Estate : Residential
  • Michael Onyemelukwe – December 1 Michael joined in August 2015. He was sponsored by Andrew Clark and his classification is Financial Advising.
  • Samuel Lee Hancock- December 2 Sam joined in December 2006. He was sponsored by Larry Margolis and his classification is Non-Profit: Executive Director
Club Anniversaries:
  • Gene Massey December 1,1986 (30 years)
  • Jay Pugh – December 1 1972 (44 years)
  • Pat Cunningham – December 2, 2014 (2 years)
  • Laura Khor – December 2, 2014 (2 years)
  • Peter Larson – December 2, 2014 ( 2 years)
  • Cherry Baumbusch – December 5, 2006 (10 years)
  • Glynis Long – December 8, 2008 (11 Years)
  • Erminia Scarcella – December 8 2005 (11 years)
Sheldon Ray introduced the speaker Matthew Taylor whose topic was Mary in the Islamic Tradition. Matthew is presently a doctoral candidate and teaching associate at Georgetown University. His research focuses on Muslin and Christian theology and their relationships to their respective scriptures. In his very profound talk he discussed how Mary, a respected prophetess in Islamic history, was dedicated by her mother Anna to God was accepted by God and appointed Zachariah Mary’s guardian. In the Qu’ran* Mary lives her life in parallel with Jesus as opposed to being  merely a conduit to God. He went on to compare Mary in the Qu’ran and extra biblical texts to the new and old Testaments and how they are not that dissimilar.
To the difficult questions asked the speaker showed great humor as he attempted to not get into great detail but to provide a brief comment on the question.
Raffle: Balraj won the small pot but could not find the ace of spades in the 51 card deck
Lisa thanked Howard for running the raffle, Nancy for being the Greeter and Balraj, Ken and Stu for hosting the hospitality table.
The meeting was adjourned promptly at 1:30.
*Please Note: In the Uber car on the way home the driver was a Muslim and he told me the proper way to spell Qu’ran at least according to hm.