Dear Mr. Klaus, My name is Jelger Rozendaal, I am 16 years old and I attend upper secondary school in the Netherlands. I have chosen to follow a bilingual programme at my school which includes a 2-3 week international internship in order to develop my English further and to be inspired to pursue an international career. My ambitions solidly point me in the direction of trade, economics and business. Therefore I hope to do my internship within the financial sector of a business company. The Rotary Club is an organisation that brings business and professional leaders together, I therefore would like to inquire if someone within your organisation is open to an intern in May this year for 2-3 weeks. Preferably someone who operates in the financial sector. I hope for your positive reply. Kind regards, Jelger Rozendaal P.S. I have more information about myself and about the internship in a letter from my school which I can send to you seperately if you are interested.