We would like to wish a very happy birthday and congratulations to members celebrating birthdays, club milestones and anniversaries...


The club would like to wish a happy birthday to members celebrating:
Drew Hudson – July 1
Drew joined our club just last month. He was sponsored by Scott Love and his classification is Employment Services: Staffing. 
Stefan Alber-Glanstaetten – July 2
Stefan joined Rotary in November 2011.  He was sponsored by David Klaus and his classification is International Development: Operations. 
Bill Day – July 4
Bill joined Rotary in November 2016. He was sponsored by Wilhelmina Bratton and his classification is Law: Employment Litigation. 
Donald Hense – July 4
Donald joined Rotary in June 2013. He was sponsored by Kathy Ward and his classification is Education: Charter Schools.  
Gerry Murphy – July 10
Gerry joined Rotary in January 1973. He is a Past President of both our Club and the Foundation. He was sponsored by Mike Murphy and his classification is Associations: Auto Dealers
Rynthia Rost – July 11
Rynthia joined Rotary in November 2015. She was sponsored by Peggy Schoen and her classification is Insurance: Public Affairs. 
Bob Schott – July 13
Bob joined Rotary in January 1980 and is a Past President of the Olney Rotary Club. He was sponsored by Abrahem Helal and his classification is Customs Broker.
Shelton Williams – July 13
Shelton joined Rotary in July 1997. He was sponsored by Sheldon Ray and his classification is Education: International Studies.
Greig Cummings – July 14
Greig joined Rotary in April 1968 and is a Past President of both our Club and Foundation. He was sponsored by Edward Maloney and his classification is Investments: Portfolio Management.
Julie Duriga – July 19
Julie joined our club in April 2016. She was formerly a member of the Asheville Rotary Club in North Carolina. Her classification is Executive Recruiting: Accounting & Finance.
Daniel Kapner – July 25
Dan joined Rotary in May 2014. He was sponsored by Abe Helal and his classification is Law: Commercial Litigation. 
Bala Murthy – July 29
Bala joined Rotary in January 1987 and is a Past President of the Grand Blanc Rotary Club. He was sponsored by Jennifer Hara and his classification is Information Technology. 
The club would like to wish a happy anniversary to:
Oscar Bartoli – July 1, 1995 (22 years)
Taylor Foster – July 1, 2016 (1 year)
Jill Kent – July 1, 2016 (1 year)
Nancy Riker - July  1, 2010 (7 years)
Deborah Sigmund – July 1, 2016 (1 year)
John Sullivan – July 1, 2016 (1 year)
Shelton Williams - July  9, 1997 (20 years)
Marcus Soriano – July 21, 2016 (1 year)
Russ Savage – July 28, 2005 (12 years)