We would like to wish a very happy birthday and congratulations to members celebrating birthdays, club milestones and anniversaries...


The club would like to wish a happy birthday to members celebrating:
Brendan McGinnis – February 2
Brendan joined Rotary in January 2014. He was sponsored by Abe Helal and his classification is Consulting: Environemental.
Wilhelmina Bratton – February 4
Wilhelmina joined Rotary in October 2009.  She was sponsored by Sam Hancock and her classification is Forestry.
Jack Arness – February 8
Jack joined Rotary in August 1967. He was sponsored by George Monk and his classification is Law: Banking.
Jack Jackson – February 9
Jack joined Rotary in January 1995. He was sponsored by Bill Simons and his classification is Broadcast Media: Human Resource Management. 
Pamela Stern-Green – February 9
Pamela joined Rotary in February 2017. She was sponsored by Lynn Holec and her classification is Property Management. 
Buz Gorman – February 10
Buz joined Rotary in August 2012. He was sponsored by Abrahem Helal and his classification is Associations: State Banking Regulators.
Calvin French – February 11
Calvin joined Rotary in January 1980. He was sponsored by Ed Gleazer and his classification is Clergy: Community of Christ Pastor Emeritus.
Russ Savage – February 13
Russ joined Rotary in July 2005. He was sponsored by Norm Coe and his classification is Clergy: Unitarian.
Jim Brookshire – February 16
Jim joined Rotary in May 2000. He was sponsored by Judge Larry Margolis and his classification is Law: Environment and Natural Resources.
Josette Conell – February 16
Josette joined Rotary in August 2008. She was sponsored by Paula Delo and her classification is Education: French.
Sharon Taylor – February 21
Sharon joined Rotary in April 2013. She was sponsored by Marjorie Scott and her classification is Law: Litigation. 
Dave Hamod – February 28
Dave has been a Rotarian since 1991 and he joined our club in November 2011. He was sponsored by Robert Chambers and his classification is Consulting: International Business. 
The club would like to wish a happy anniversary to:
Lisa Cohen – February 1, 2010 (8 years)
Abe Helal – February 1, 2009 (9 years)
Sheldon Ray – February 1, 1991 (27 years)
Lawrence Wang - February 1, 2008 (10 years)
Dave Treadwell – February 4, 2003 (15 years)
Natalie Korytnyk Forrester - February 8, 2007 (11 years)
Donnie Shaw - February 13, 2003 (15 years)
Mark Wilson - February 16, 2006 (12 years)
Myrna Charles - February 24, 2012 (6 years)
Pamela Stern-Green - February 27, 2017 (1 year)