Greetings Fellow Rotarians! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, and enjoyed a very Happy New Year.
In our last Club meeting of December, we completed the voting for the Club and Foundation leadership. Members were invited to vote electronically and at the meeting. The results have been confirmed and announced:
The elections confirmed Abe Helal as the next Club President. Lisa McCurdy will be our President Elect.
From a strong field of nominees, the following members were elected to 3 year terms as Club Directors: Marilyn Cruz, Gretchen Kearney, Brendan McGinnis. We welcome their knowledge and dedication to the service of our Club.
Due to the unfortunate resignation of Tony Cusack after 2 years as a Club Director, Ken Kimbrough was elected to serve 1 year term to complete the 3 year term as a Club Director.
The Foundation will be led our Past President Jennifer Hara. She is joined by Shelton Williams and Mark Wilson as our newly elected Foundation Directors, each for a 3 year term.
We hope you join us in welcoming our new Club and Foundation leadership and Directors! Please remember that all volunteers are appreciated, and if you would like to serve the club in any capacity, you can speak with or email President Ross, President Elect Abe Helal, and our future President Lisa McCurdy. Committee Chairs are also happy to speak with our members about opportunities to contribute!