Jun 07, 2017
Patrick Schoof

An award-winning director and advisor to international organizations and their leadership, Mr. Schoof’s strategy and innovative ideas with global programs, operations and teams, allows him to drive transformation. He combines entrepreneurial thinking and high-performance public, private and nonprofit approaches that align meaning and direction, connect people and priorities, and deliver resources and solutions to scale, even in the most challenging environments. Patrick Schoof is the CEO of A Better World Foundation—a global thought leader and social innovator in helping people and organizations strengthen and expand their definitions of themselves and accelerate simple, powerful ideas to improve our lives and planet. He is also a career coach and strategist to senior professionals, who specializes in guiding clients towards clarity, balance, meaning, and direction in their professional and personal lives. Committed to advancing international development and human rights, Mr. Schoof has advised and worked with international organizations, and public, private and non-profit sector entities, including UN agencies, the World Bank, U.S. Department of State, USAID, the International Red Cross, and Fortune 500 companies. As a sought-after public speaker, he has addressed nearly 1,000 audiences, including the Olympic Games, the White House, and 70+ Rotary Clubs on five continents. Mr. Schoof holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration/Political Science from Western Michigan University, a Master’s in Law Degree from the University of Edinburgh and a Master’s in Management from the London School of Economics.