Not much tutoring went on the past 2 weeks because the school was absorbed in the students taking the official end-of-year reading and math tests -- the ones whose aggregated results, by school and then even more aggregation -- get blasted all over the universe when the results become available.
1. The CAS reading and math tests:
May Gwinn and I (and perhaps others) contributed to classroom monitoring during the tests. Interesting to watch -- the kids switch from commotion before a test begins to dead silence during the test period.
8 mornings were devoted to the test sequence -- 4 for reading and 4 for math. Each day was for a single one of 8 sections. For the math ones I monitored, each test period proper took less than one hour.
Some parents (not a lot) and City Year young adults (one to a class) pitched in on the monitoring.
Don't know when the results will be available later this month or maybe even early next month.
2. The celebration evening for the video prizes (a very junior Oscar event):
No news yet on a date. The Rochambeau high school students are supposed to have finished the editing by now.
3. The grant application for a major after school hours program next year and beyond:
The PAL executive director, Rene Wallis, and I are working hard on putting an application together. She's doing 90+% of it. If we get an award, we intend to augment Rotary tutoring, and the hours will be in the late afternoon.
So far, with the limited data I've been able to use, the Rotary tutoring has had a very positive impact on student performance on preliminary tests conducted in March compared to similar tests taken in January.