No news other than the tutoring continues at the usual pace.


1. The week of March 23rd is "spring break" week. No school that week.

2. The results of the reading and math tests taken last week should be available just before the "spring break". If so, I'll get them and do some comparative analyses, and report on the results during the week of Mar. 23rd. If you haven't yet done so, please let me know the names of the students you've been tutoring individually, if any. I'll need both first and family names. Try to divide them reasonably into 2 categories: #1 -- those whom you tutored more or less regularly; #2 -- those whom you tutored on occasion.

3. The big blast of tests comes the week of April 20th. These are the tests whose results are used for the

assessment of how well things went during the year; i.e. the results that are sprayed around the media. Please try to do as much tutoring as you can, starting next week, and certainly after the students return from the "spring break".


Don Messer